December 2018 - The new Rotary Contact Dryer installed and in operation on site at PurnHouse Farm for the first time




October 2018 - Our Veenhuis direct-injection tanker used for the  application of end stage waste 




September 2018 Nutrition  Insight article, Dietary fiber found to reduce brain inflammation during aging


July 2018  Partners in Dryer Thermal Transfer research with Bath University & STBAH Hub


July 2018 - Kestrel fledglings were seen emerging from a very unconventional nesting site on the farm




April 13 2018 - Food for Diabetes And Cognition, FODIAC, research collaboration project kick-off meeting takes place



                                        '....Food for Diabetes and Cognition, a scientific research project funded by the European Union, kicked-off at INL last April 13                                                     with the presence of all the entities that form the consortium. In the next four years, several organisations from Portugal,                                                       Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Sweden will develop an integrative dietary solution to tackle type 2 diabetes and mitigate                                                   the cognitive dysfunction among the elderly population.'



April 4 2018 - Upcoming Science Entrepreneur Experience collaboration with Bristol Consulting Partnership



                                   '...opportunity for four PhD students with an interest in entrepreneurship and translating scientific research into commercial                                                    ventures to take part in a one-week course, the Science Entrepreneur Experience (SEE) developed and run by the Bristol                                                          Consulting Partnership. SEE is a 5-day entrepreneurial training course for postgraduate researchers to obtain real                                                                      experience consulting for companies who are leveraging emerging technologies into the market.....'



                                     *Further information on the Science Entrepreneur Experience programme




March 9 2018 - Reduction tops reformulation agenda as UK sugar tax beckons





March 1, 2018 - Heavy snow and sub zero temperatures arrived on Thursday and continued for a further two days, leaving

Purn House Farm closed for the first time in over ten years. 






Upgraded drying plant arriving on site August, 2017